About us

Doctors in France is one of the pioneer services offering top-notch healthcare services throughout the France. With high-quality innovative services, our platform serves to be the best in the field. We are always consistent when it comes to making heath care facilities accessible for everyone, nonlocal, tourist, or expat. Our Mission here is to make both patients, and doctors experience an advanced technology of making healthcare convenient via the comfort of your own home, office, hotel, or doctor’s office.

Fellowship Program

Learn more about our Fellowship Program here.

Our fellowship program is designed to connect medical professionals, students and newcomers to our advanced services. It aims to drive transformation in the industry through hands-on experience and understanding medical concerns in real-world scenarios.

By participating, fellows can work with our experienced team to help improve patient care and outcomes. The program also ensures digital skills are developed through an embrace of online learning achievements.

Fellowship Program Features

Here are the features of our fellowship program

1. Case Study Assignments

To give a more insightful take on the healthcare industry, our fellowship program includes case study assignments. Fellows under this fellowship program can gain better understanding through data analysis, user experience increment scenarios, and community outreach case studies.

2. Leadership and Mentorship Opportunities

At Doctors in France, under our fellowship program you will not only learn, but as well implement simultaneously thus to retrieve the best understanding of healthcare industry in France. In this program, our experienced mentors will help aspirants to analyze insights and come up with relevant solutions.

3. Healthcare Innovation

The fellowship program at Doctors in France is designed to make aspirants contribute in making innovation a part of healthcare industry in France. Through industry events, webinars, seminars, and conferences get a chance to learn from industry experts.

4. Networking Events

We believe in encouraging individuals to learn from practical exposure, and experiences of professionals. Thus, through networking events within the company fellows get a chance to build their professional networks as well.

5. Practice Sessions

At Doctors in France, our Fellowship program gives the chance to fellows where they can practice innovative and impactful initiatives. Through our program, learn and practice instantly.

Who can join our Fellowship Program?

We encourage individuals with different cultural, gender and racial background to join our program. Please affirm the following before applying:

Bachelor’s/Masters or equivalent degree in a relevant field

Outstanding collaboration, and communication skills

Excellent passion to work in healthcare industry

Hands-on experience related to problem solving, decision-making, and creative thinking

Must possess fluency in writing, and speaking in English language and French

How to Apply?

So, if you are looking to join one of the growing businesses in France as a healthcare professional then submit your CV here and a cover letter to contact@doctorsinfrance.fr. Alternatively, you can come back to this space to review any job openings. Leave your CV and Cover letter so we can recall you for any future openings. As soon as you submit your CV our team will get back to you as soon as possible, and you can as well become one of the best doctors in France.