Find Doctors with a French Twist

Are you curious about the cost of appointments with English-speaking doctors in France? The great news is that you'll discover healthcare options accommodating a wide range of budgets, ensuring that quality medical care is within reach for all.

Within our extensive network of healthcare providers in France, consultation fees are designed to accommodate a variety of budgets. Prices start as low as €20 for quick and convenient online consultations and can reach up to €150 for comprehensive ob-gyn examinations, which may include diagnostic scans for a thorough assessment of your health.
Our flexible pricing structure is tailored to each physician, considering factors such as their level of expertise, practice location within France, and medical specialization.

With DoctorsinFrance, you can:

● Easily compare doctors' fees before making a booking.
● Rest assured that you'll be charged at local rates with no price inflation.
● Make bookings without any hidden charges or fees.
● Conveniently pay using your choice of credit card or PayPal.

How to Make the Best Use of Your Medical Insurance?

When it comes to utilizing your international travel and medical insurance in France, the process often works on a pay-and-claim basis. In other words, you cover the upfront costs, and later, your insurance provider will reimburse.

To make this process hassle-free, simply obtain a payment receipt from your doctor after your consultation and don't forget to request a concise medical report outlining your diagnosis. In most cases, this paperwork is all you need to submit a refund claim and get your money back.

We're here to make your healthcare experience even more convenient. While we currently offer direct billing to insurance with selected partners, we recommend reaching out to us to determine if your insurance provider is among our partnered list.

Receipt of payment or itemized bill

Asked Question

How much can I expect to pay for a medical consultation in France?

The cost of a doctor's consultation in France can vary depending on the physician's specialization and location. Typically, prices range from approximately 20 euros for a standard consultation to an average of 150 euros.

Are prescription medications included in the consultation cost?

No, the price of the consultation doesn't include prescription medications. In France, doctors do not directly sell or provide medicines. Instead, they provide you with a prescription that you can use to purchase the necessary medications at a pharmacy.

Will there be any additional charges after my medical consultation?

No, once you've paid for your consultation, you won't be asked for any additional payment during your appointment. All fees are pre-paid when you book.

Is there a cancellation fee if I need to reschedule my appointment?

Cancellations are free of charge if made at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. If you cancel within 24 hours, there might be a cancellation fee, which is typically equivalent to the cost of the consultation.

Can I access free medical consultations with European Health Insurance (EHIC) in France through Doctors in France?

We at Doctors in France provide access to private medical services and are not affiliated with the national health system. Every appointment scheduled through our platform has a cost; there are no free consultations. Learn more about these options.