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We at Doctors in France, welcome you here in this space where healthcare professionalism, excellence and innovation combines! If you are dedicated, hardworking, and passionate about bringing a transformation in the healthcare industry then we are here for you!

Who Are We?

We at Doctors in France are a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who are thrilled to make healthcare facilities, and service accessible than ever! With a patient-oriented and convenient approach, our online doctor booking service is particularly designed to match patients or their family members with the right doctor.

With a seamless experience to do so, customers can request and book an appointment with the best doctors in France instantly. The process is so convenient and easy to follow, for both patients and doctors.

Another functionality of our best online doctor booking service is that offer three modes of meeting. As a healthcare professional you can either give consultation via face-to-face, or on live video call, or meet the patient in a hotel or in their office.

Career Opportunities at Doctors in France

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Technology Department:

Doctors in France have always focused on increasing access to healthcare. They are more committed than ever to making facilities accessible to all.

Customer Support Department:

If you are someone who is good with helping people then this career opportunity is for you! Become a part of our customer support department where you can guide patients about the service, and further about navigating our service.

Marketing Department:

Our goal is to ensure expats, non-locals, and tourists can easily access health advice in France. With our help, they no longer face any language barriers.

Healthcare Department:

Our healthcare department is the foundation of our service. As a part of our healthcare department, you will serve patients with relevant treatments. We encourage English and French speaking doctors to join our team to better facilitate everyone in France.

Why Join
Doctors in France?

At Doctors in France, we believe in making a community, where the following aspects are confirmed:

Innovative Service

Become the part of our team to launch, and embrace innovative products and service in the healthcare industry. As a Doctor in France team member, we will celebrate your achievements, and innovation together as a family.

Professional Growth

Your talent, and skill set will only excel by joining hands with us. Help us expand our services, and your impact in the healthcare sector will be appreciated.

Influential Contribution

Being in the healthcare industry is not easy by any means. With Doctors in France, you can bring revolution through directly making patients feel safe and get quality medical advice on their concerns.

How to Apply?

So, if you are looking to join one of the growing businesses in France as a healthcare professional then submit your CV here and a cover letter to Alternatively, you can come back to this space to review any job openings. Leave your CV and Cover letter so we can recall you for any future openings. As soon as you submit your CV our team will get back to you as soon as possible, and you can as well become one of the best doctors in France.

So, hurry up and join us to create history in the healthcare industry of France!